2020 Rockarama "Crystal and Craft Fair"


2020 Rockarama “Crystal and Craft Fair” and SA Metal Detecting Championships (Public Entry is FREE) 

The 2020 Rockarama "Crystal and Craft Fair" will be held at Collier Park, Palmer, South Australia, over the weekend of Friday May 1st, Saturday May 2nd, and Sunday May 3rd, 2020.

This event also includes the 2020 South Australian Metal Detecting Championships which will be held at Collier Park, Palmer, South Australia, on Sunday May 3rd, 2020 (Session 1 - Morning competition 10.30am - 11.30am, Session 2 - Afternoon competition 1.00pm - 2.00pm, and the competition prize presentation is at 2.45pm.).

The 2020 Rockarama "Crystal and Craft Fair" site fee for campers/traders is $50.00 for the entire weekend, whether camping and trading / camping only / trading only.

There is the option of online/direct deposit payment of site/competition fee(s) is/are available via the bank details on the application/competition entry forms.

Note: You MUST still send the completed application/competition entry form to us even if your payment has been made via direct deposit.

PLEASE FIND the 2020 application/competition forms at the BOTTOM of this PAGE 

MGMC Notice RE - 2021 Rockarama NOT goin

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Rockarama Metal Detecting Sponsors...

Garrett Australia and MineLab are major sponsors for the South Australian Metal Detecting Championships organized and run by Murraylands Gem and Mineral Club Inc.

The Adelaide, South Australian, agent for MineLab is Miners Den: www.minersdenadelaide.com.au

2020 Rockarama Registration Forms

To register for a campsite / trading campsite / trading only site, and/or metal detecting competition, click on the respective link below, but first read the cover note. The opened .pdf files can be saved to your device for printing, etc.

Cover Note (Click on .pdf icon)

Trading & Campsite Application (Click on .pdf icon)

Detecting Competition Entry Form (Click on .pdf icon)